Sunday Excursion.

05.14.12 — 3 Comments

Every time I venture to the farm, I’m always surprised.

Yesterday, I went home for Mother’s day. You know, because I have a mom. Except my mother is into that refunking junk business and she was at a trade show selling her what-once-was-junk-but-is-now-refunked stuff.

As I write this, mere hours, after I’ve returned to the City, I’m still giggling. My dad, Joe as I call him, is a workaholic and permanently attached to his phone. So, when he invested in a hobby.. oh, on Saturday.. it was a little surprising.

Yep, those are mules. A brother and sister pair. Their names are still up for discussion.

My denim-on-denim wearing father didn’t appreciate the following suggestions for his “team”:

Beyonce and JayZ (he just didn’t understand this one.)
Peanut Butter & Jelly (he rolled his eyes.)
John & June (He ignored me.)
Blake & Miranda (nothing…)
Gus and Laurie Darlin’ (… crickets…)

I hopped in the cart under the assumption we were just taking a little trip down the road and back. Clearly, I should ask more questions.

My phone died around the eighth mile. In turn, I offered Marshal and Kim up as a suggestion… I didn’t even have the heart to explain that one.

If this is what makes Joe happy.. then, well, okay. Sure, I’ll go on a few rides. I’ll annoy you with my never-ending chatter about things you don’t really care about.

But, next time, I draw the line at 8 miles. Twelve was just too much.

I thought maybe this whole excursion would get me one step closer to that mini pony I’ve been wanting for a while.

Also. Let’s just imagine this. Eventually, I’m going to take Dreamboat home to meet the family. Uhm. How this could turn out is already hilarious.

3 responses to Sunday Excursion.


    bahahaha! I love this! Dreamboat is in for a surprise!


    Gus and Clara


    I will ride!!! How about Bonnie and Clyde!!!

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