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Do you, North Carolina.


Rural scenery is my drug of choice. Turns out, winter wheat is gateway drug into the world of row crops.

Returning from the beach, this canola field took my breath away. Gone. Breathing was just no longer an option while standing on the side of a [paved] country road, staring in wonder at the beauty of a canola field.

Rural America and all it encompasses — is the epitome of joy.

Once surrounded by winter wheat and black cattle, this rural-gone-urban girl needs scenes like this. Too often I get caught up in the hustle of urban living: the homes, ‘hoods and schedules.

Keep showing off, North Carolina. It looks good on you.


  1. Canola is my favourite crop. We grow lots of it here on the Canadian Prairies. I didn’t know it was grown in North Carolina.

    • I didn’t either, Teresa. Honestly, the last time I saw canola was on my way to Red Lake, Ontario. Per research, I think this is a new crop to North Carolina, based on a study out of Kansas State.

  2. I love this. I think this is how I reacted to the Flint Hills. It used to be rows upon rows of corn and beans, the occasionally wheat field or pumpkins, and now and then a gladiolus flower field (my favorite). We have the row crops in Missouri, but when I went out to the Flint Hills the first few times, I was like, “Dang Kansas. Dang.”

    And then I found $20.

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