Brooke Clay



A transplant by nature – home was first surrounded by soybeans and corn.
Then by the power of the witness relocation program I became accustomed to a life of black cows, wheat pastures and cowboys. White Label, Polo wearin’, smells-like-freshly-cut-hay – cowboys.

While not completely true, that is the story I told my sixth grade class when I didn't have a strong reason for my family's move to Oklahoma.

After 5 years – and two degrees – in Stillwater, America, I packed my gas-guzzling SUV and moved to the thriving metropolis of Oklahoma City, which is where Rural Gone Urban got its start.

• Hi. I’m Brooke •


I was raised on rural route three out past where the blacktop ends, and now I'm traveling the world spreading the digital strategy gospel to agriculture and food industries. About time I put that master's in international agriculture to good use, am I right?

While living a roaming existence - somewhere between rural and urban where Starbucks occupies most corners - I have my choice of grocery stores (traditional, speciality, organic, farmers' market), and I participate in the paved concourse of twisted roads where the people drive boxes, on their way to work in a big box, where they’ll probably stare at a box all day.

I love agriculture. And food. And taking pictures of food and agriculture. So, here we are.

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Brooke Clay

And the best shotgun rider and CEO in North America, Cow Dog Molly. (She’s on Insta. Give her a follow.)


Regardless of timezone, zip code, or area code, dreamers and doers are evoking positive change in their rural communities.

Through relationships, businesses, social media, and Rolodexes - and, yes, even their location - rural influencers are making a tremendous impact - an impact that is not limited to their city limit sign. From health and wellness to policy, and from small businesses to global ventures, the Ruralist is comprised of true change makers who, honestly, would be embarrassed to make the list. (Their grandparents, though, will absolutely press print and hang it on the refrigerator.)


Rural Gone Urban Consulting

Digital, social, and influencer media for agriculture has never been more difficult. 

Consumers are confused and critics are passionate, and while you’re busy building a brand, team, and culture — tweeting falls to the bottom of your to-do list. We teach companies how to execute digital strategy alongside analog events and traditional media, so your story can grow in the hearts of consumers.


A retreat for storytellers and content creators

This retreat is ideal for influencers with farm or ranching backgrounds who curate engaging online communities through common off-the-farm interests.

This gathering of individuals who have found a niche influencing the moveable middle and are not solely focused on engaging the choir of agricultural advocates.