Tassel #2

We're old. This can be verified by the intensity of excitment of returning to one's college town. I returned to turn the Tassle. For the third time. [HS. Undergrad. Grad.]

Here's Cliff's Notes:

  • Dallyn drove me to the place of the hour. On the way - she hit the breaks and said.. "Get. In. That. Car." So I did. Good thing it was our Prof's {and mother to the twins we kid-sat} car. It's safe to note that she's a hippie and drives a bug convertable.
  • The ceremony was boring, and my phone went dead. However, it's safe to say I've joined the 9.4 percent US citizens 25 and older hold a graduate or professional degree.
  • Dinner with the family. My sister is funny - and blonde, with blue eyes, and pale skin. It's possible she's not really my sister. {joke.}
  • We went to the "strip." {Get your head out of the gutter.} It's not a dirty place... Garth sings about it.
  • Garret is old. He didn't know anyone. It's amazing what 3 semesters of the real world can do to you.
  • We camped. In Dallyn's house she ditched for our little urban casa for. Ew. I just ended that sentence with a preposition. But, I left it. Yes, It hurts a little. It was urban camping:: Roof. Electricity. Water. Air Mattress. Doughnuts
  • It was the best weekend.

Football season needs to get here. asap.