Retro Project.

Dallyn was gone for the weekend at a lovely bachelorette party. I'm sure it was just pillow fights, herbal tea and girl chat. [obviously.] And that amazing man-friend of mine was at *boys weekend*. ::Read as: Obviously I'm an amazing girlfriend who deserves flowers (orchids or orange roses), or a date night (I'm dying to see the Backup Plan), or a graduation present due to the complete okay-ness of the only communication being a single text stating, "alive."

Moving on. @BentonRay was in town. [Yes, I speak in twitter handles now] We, along with @oksteve, @JeredTyler, @oksteve's lovely wife and her friend went to the Wormy Dog. Oh - and I ran into @RMAtkins. [We missed @KTEknight]

Yeah, I know that paragraph wasn't necessary - but I couldn't resist. This whole intro leads me into this:

Early Saturday morning, while taking @BentonRay to his truck I saw these (pictured below) at an antique store.

Turns our the owner (of the antique store) knows my hometown vet. Once again, rural meets urban.

They had so much potential and they are completely retro. I loaded them up in the car and headed to Home Depot. One call to my Aunt Beth (Yeah, you're a blogging celebrity now) and I left with primer, a wire brush, and yellow paint. Who am I kidding - I also left with one of those nifty contraptions that allows you to not tire your finger or get paint on you. (Urban win)

Just look at that seat. Ew. I almost quit. But, I figured Clinique Exfoliant doesn't quit on me - so why quit on these chairs. They just need a little lovin'.

Two coats of primer - check. Thought about leaving them white, but then I got bored about 15 minutes later. Yellow it is.

Just look at those chairs! They look good. ("Yes Brooke, they look amazing!") Rural kicks Urban's butt once again.