Weekend Warrior.

Every morning we have to let the dogs out. (Thanks Simba and Remi for that...) We zombie walk into our HUGE backyard. There's just one problem. There is nothing in it. See for yourself. This spot just screams potential.

So about 12:30 on Saturday morning (read Retro Project. to update yourself on hours 10:30 to 12:15) I made trip #2 to Home Depot.

I came home with Gardenias, Hibiscus, something purple and Hydrangeas. Thank goodness for the tags on the plants. I searched for plants that liked water (there is a lot of run off from the porch in this area), had pretty flowers, and smelled good.

Note: It's possible these plants will die. However, I will honestly try to keep them alive. I realize this isn't your average goldfish project.

Simba had to put on her sweater. Seriously - she brought it to me. 

(Sure hope Dallyn doesn't mind watering these flowers.)

Doesn't that flower bed look so much better! Maybe I can be a Betty Homemaker. Ha - probably not.