The day after the storm.

At about 3 o'clock we were ready to leave our downtown offices to get home.  We knew we had a mess to clean up and we were ready to get after it. We thought [maybe] someone would show up to help us. ha.

See the cleanup:

Brooke and the never ending job of raking.

Dallyn borrowed a ladder from the neighbor {who happens to have went to high school with Brooke's man-friend's parents - small world] to check out the roof damage.

Remi thought he'd help, too. Molly was banished to the house after becoming too friendly with one of the atleast nine roofers who lined up on the street.

Look at Dallyn cleaning out those gutters. We should get a discount on this month's rent - for sure.

This is promising. It will seriously bring a smile to your face after you uncover a flower bed and find a few blooms still in tact.

As a gesture of appreciation for keeping her car safe, Brooke gladly gave the garage a bath.

We're such the over-achievers. Who puts this much effort into a rent house?  37 bags total line our street. And - this is just from the front yard. Note: 4 bags are from Mr. Countryman's yard. We just couldn't let him clean it up himself.

Matt and Katie brought us Eichens. And Dallyn's special boy took us to Orange Leaf. All in al it was a productive day - but we still have that back yard to clean up. 

Anyone want to help out? We'll buy pizza. [seriously.]