Went home last night for all my favorites: Joe (my dad), my little brother, D’marrio’s pizza - and cows.

I may be an urban girl now, but I will always be able to walk out in the pasture and scratch my favorite show heifer (now mamma to many) behind the ear. 

There’s just one thing. She’s old. And Joe - didn’t think I’d be able to spot her out among the other black cows, especially with a different ear tag.

Well I did. K162 accompanied me to Jr. Nationals in Denver as well as a dozen other shows. She’s just as much of a staple of my childhood as Bo, my first dog.

Ha - doesn’t she seem frightened in the pic. Guess my makeup-less face isn’t even welcome in the pasture.

Only one other animal - my faithful horse Paint - has earned the right to retire on the farm. But, I think K162 is gaining on him.