This blog and I have been through a lot together: graduate school, first jobs, second jobs, cross-country moves, third jobs, fourth jobs, funerals, an engagement, a marriage ... and a divorce. 

We've learned a lot, grown even more and we're still adventuring. 

Let's adventure together.

Girl Rule No. 1 - Don't forget the camera.

We've been friends for a while; however, there's no proof in our urban casa. Not a single picture. So, when we went out on the town - we made sure not to forget the camera.

We get to the Wormy Dog for a little Reckless Kelly and we're ready to create a solid alibi. Out comes the camera - flashing the "dead battery" sign.


Luckily, @BentonRay snapped this picture with his iphone before we left. Yes, Dallyn's watering the flowers - it's a priority in this crazy heat.

So - that's the only proof we have. You'd never know other people were there. But it's safe to say my manfriend has never been so excited about a technology fail.

Oh, and while watching Father of the Bride (Part's 1 & 2), Dallyn emptied out her purse from last night - only to find a camera. {A fully charged camera.}

Urban tour

We're not in College anymore - but lets pretend.