Urban tour

Have you ever been in someone's house and snooped a little? No? Me neither. I thought I'd take the awkward out of the situation - and show you a some random pieces from our casa.

A year ago, that mason jar was filled to the brim with green beans. Did I can them - of course not. I "borrowed" them from my mom's house. It makes a nice sunglass holder though - don't you think?

You can tell a lot about a girl by her movie collection - or in this case, two girls.

So what can you tell about us? That we're weird, odd, country, weird? Don't judge - you know you've either wished you've seen those movies - or you curl up and with a bottle of wine wishing you were as legit as Molly Ringwald or considered naming your future kids July or Gus.

Isn't this awesome? Maybe Dallyn will post about it... she should. I mean, she saved it from the barn.