Switch 'em up.

When you grow up - Thursdays are for watching grey's anatomy, spooning with a 4 legged human-dog, and going to bed around 9. Unless, you have a momentary lapse in judgement, a 20-something year old version of alzheimer's, or you miss Stillwater. I'm pleading the fifth.

We did not wear boots last night. We did NOT go the the Randy Rogers Band CD release party. AND - we did NOT squeeze our way to the front row while dodging fist pumps and urban cowboy hats.

Fine, maybe we did.

But - we for sure didn't eat a Hot Dog from the street vender on the way to our car.

That picture is sick -right? It's an iphone fail. But - I'll keep it up, just because I think there's a dimple on the chipmunk cheek!

I've got one story for the road (this may or may not translate well in text format - you've been warned.)

Scene: RRB, Wormy Dog, Front Row. Older gentleman to the right - protective manfriend's BFF to the left.

Mid-lyric of Kiss Me in the Dark, a weather-worn hand slithers between us [Brooke and Dallyn] and gently cups Dallyn's side. A look of shear terror washes over her face - while my body was hijacked with pure laughter.

Our knight in a green polo [thanks Jarret] informs the creepster that Miss Dallyn is his girlfriend.

His response? "What about the other one? She with you, too?" Jarret, "Well, no - um, I mean , yes." "She's not? Well, then. Switch 'em up!"

Apparently if one is spoken for - the other is a suitable fill-in.

Here's RRB with our favorite new song :: Thanks, youtube!