This blog and I have been through a lot together: graduate school, first jobs, second jobs, cross-country moves, third jobs, fourth jobs, funerals, an engagement, a marriage ... and a divorce. 

We've learned a lot, grown even more and we're still adventuring. 

Let's adventure together.

Project Night.

I've got a secret.

I'm working on a project. The manfriend and I started this project 2 puppies and about 74 trips to Western Oklahoma ago.

But - I'm finishing it.

Did you ever watch the Price is Right? Familiar with Plinko?

Hmm. Imagine Plinko - during tailgating. Go ahead, let your mind run with that.

Footballs as the Plinko Chips? Man this was hard work. I still need add the plexiglass. Dallyn had a solution to the paint fumes::

Steak? This night couldn't get any better? Wait - bacon??

All in a night of projects.

One shoe can change your life.

Switch 'em up.