One shoe can change your life.

This sign is perched in a very obvious spot in our living room.  It's truly an urban necessity in rural girls' homes.

We are an equal-opportunity employer when it comes to shoes - we're not prejudice. However, there's always a first place. And the first place in the shoe world - is boots.

All of them. "Real" ones, the pair you wear to concerts in a pasture, one's you wear with summer dresses, and some you just buy - because you can't image leaving them alone in the store.

Meet a few of the favorites. Ferrini, Alligator Anderson Bean, Wolverine, Sea Turtle, BCBG, Jessica, & Justin.

Boots are serious business. They build character.

Whatch you talkin' bout Willis? Remi's attitude is about the same as any man's.

Can't you just hear him saying this:: "Why do you have so many boots? You can only wear one at a time. Why do you have Jessica Simpson boots? That's ridiculous."

We can't be friends anymore.

I take it back - but back away from those shoes sir!

Did I mention I once worked at the Shoe Bank in Stillwater? It's like an alcoholic working at the liquor store. I once threw out all my shoes' homes (aka their boxes) just so it wouldn't seem like I had so many shoes when I moved home one summer.

It was worth it.