Meet my intern.

The past two days have been interesting. For starters, I was an exhibitor at a food show for work. Did I cook - absolutely not. But, I did hand out recipes and nutrition information. But - here's the best part (and Dallyn would say - THE best part about my job.) These food shows have lots - and I do mean LOTS - of food.

By noon on the first day, I had sampled cheesecake, steak, mashed potatoes, lemon cookies, sausage, and icecream. So, of course my "intern" visited me to make sure everything was going okay.

Look at that intern. She's a hard-working one.

I met some interesting characters, too. As a people-watcher by nature; this was a warm-up for State Fair Season. I can't tell you where I work (right, Laura?) But if you're an intense creeper - which I imagine a few of you are (There's no way 235 our closest friends read this blog daily) - google probably already told you.

If I had a real intern - I think this mascot suit would be a great job at the fair. Good thing I don't have an intern.