Surviving the kitchen 101

Before you go any further you should be aware I took these pics with a run-of-the mill point-and-shoot camera. Rules are meant to be broken, and apparently so is my Cannon XTI. Tomorrow is Christmas for Cowboys fans. With a 6 o'clock kick off - there's approximately 7.5 hours of tailgating to be had. Oh, yeah. I realize that was a poorly constructed sentence.

So - for the first time, ever, I'm contributing to a tailgate. Oh - creating a masterpiece. A little birdie once told me my manfriend really likes pinwheels - as he should - it would be as unAmerican as disliking mashed potatoes if he didn't.

So here's the line up: 10" tortillas, cream cheese, green onions, spinach, turkey, cheese and swiss cheese. (or any cheese or your liking)

After searching the casa for a pair of swimming goggles, I located my big-girl panties and cut the onions myself.

I smothered the tortilla in cream cheese, added a handful or onions, layered the protein, cheese and spinach.

Then, I rolled them up like a burrito and put them in the fridge for  few hours. Please notice the pig. I think this note was on there long enough - we really are out of trashbags.

After I watched an episode of Housewives from NJ, ran 6 miles, waxed my toes, and took a nap (I'll never tell which ones of those are or are not true), I took them out of the fridge and chopped them into 2" slices.

I sampled. I'm still alive.

Guess I'll take them to the game.

Also, manfriend - if you're reading this (which you'll never admit too) I consulted the man rules. According to man rule No. 5,345 - you are obligated to love what ever food I make. Trust me, I googled it.

Now if you excuse me, I've got to take my plate of 67 pinwheels and get back to the Return to Snowy River.