Christmas in September

We {Dallyn & Brooke} met in college. Sophomore year Intro to Plant and Soil Sciences. That fact would be irrelevant if it wasn't for the part that it was at Okstate and we happen to have celebrated the equivelant of Christmas for Cowboy Football Fans this past Saturday.

Do you know how weird it is to drive to the place that means so much to you - as an "out-of-towner?" It's awkward.

But we got over it. And - ran into our Blog's No. 1 Creeper. Isn't she sweet?

And we played in the fountain. By the way, shout out to the random Washington State fan who took this decently legit picture. Nice angles, man. Way to frame the shot -

Would someone please tell him he'd be more handsome if he smiled once in a while. Just kidding. He smiles all of the time. Just not when he plans to be tailgating by 11:30 and he doens't get there until 3. Or - when he remembers he bought his girlfriend a new camera for her birthday.

And, if winning the game wasn't enough. We're walking away with this photo to prove we're friends. As odd as it is - we don't have any pictures in our whole casa proving otherwise. I'm seriously going to print this pic. Hopefully. If I get around to it.