Rainy Day

When you grow up on a red dirt road, one of the last places you'd ever imagine working is in an urban environment - downtown. BUt I do. And I like it. Unless it's raining - and I forget my umbrella. My office is luckily located near a tonka truck playground, and I get to see it from my office. Oh - and there are little people down there. Well. They're little from 9 stories up.

But - on a rainy day in Oklahoma. Let me rephrase that, on a WINDY, rainy day in Oklahoma - there is one place I woul not want to be.

In that crane, 25+ stories in the air.

Between the clicking of keys on my keyboard and the phone rininging - the only other constant is the air horns letting people know the crane is moving.

Sometimes I dive under my desk. I just know one of those cranes are going to fall and land percisely in my office. Probably not - but it still doesn't keep my from hittin' the deck.

Hey No. 1 Creeper - this photo is for you. These guys are in my office. This is the only hint you get.