Are you wearing (insert your school colors) today? Did you think about it before you got dressed, or was it habit? I have this theory that boils down to - somewhere between freshman enrollment and the first football game - the need to wear school colors is embedded so far into your system it becomes second nature. For example, per say orange happens to be one of your alma mater's colors. You will notice you might have a few orange purses, sandles, heels, tanks, sweaters, watches, sweats, shorts, shoes, socks.... panties..... {Thanks, Victoria.}

Oh, and your human dogs - they have jerseys.

Donna & Shelby found this little number at Target last night. I tried to take it off of her before bed, but she growled.

I'm not making this up. It could have something to do with the fact that she came into my life at the end of my freshman year. Apparently, she bleeds orange, too.

Happy Tailgating Eve!