It's Tuesday. Usually my favorite day of the week for numerous reasons. First, I think this day is overlooked. No one gets excited about Tuesdays. Also, I've always been a believer in Random Tuesdays rather than Valentine's Day. But that's another post  - I'll save it for Hallmark Day. However, this Tuesday. It's ::ehhh:: average. The witty and clever juices are not flowing, and I've been forced to search the iphone for proof that we did something over the weekend.

See - we wore cute okstate dresses. That means 1 of three things: a) we ran out of clean clothes and we have more orange in our house that you can imagine b) it was gameday or c)it was hot, they were cotton, and none of your business!

But, seriously. Cowboys won. Stillwater chewed us up a bit. We bought stock in Aspirin.

Remington grew 8 inches. Not really. Maybe 8 pounds. This picture doesn't prove we did anything. It just proves Remington grew. Which, in turn, proves we {dallyn} fed him. That counts, right?

My mom pointed out that Molly is 21 in dog years.

It's all starting to make sense. She lives for that jersey. She lives for the strip. She lives for Oklahoma State.

Actually, she's probably thinking... "this was more fun when I was a young pup. I remember when I first got this jersey, I could stay up all night, eat pizza like a champ and still make it to the Homecoming Parade on time..."

*Thanks Pioneer Woman Actions for making the iphone pics and 72 dpi facebook pics a little more appropriate.

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