A Great State of a Fair.

We went to the fair last night. For a few reasons. 1) it was the first night of the fair. 2) Eli Young was on the free Stage. 3) We live 15 minutes from the fairgrounds.

See that. No, not EYB. The people. Those are high school kids. Yep, 16 year olds. This means they're also pretty niave and don't know how to get to the front. Just kidding. Maybe.

They thought we were 19. First time we've ever lied about our age.

But - before we hit up the free stage. We dominated some fair food.

Look at that face. It's saying... "Getting excited about CALORIES!"

Best. fries. ever.

The State Fair is the deffinition of rural intertwined with urban. We were in our atmosphere.

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