Commitment Issues

We have commitment issues. Real world decisions scare us. Not work-related decisions - just the ones about life - and hairspray. See for yourself ::

While looking in the bathroom for something very important, I'm sure. I found this. Well, these.

Hairspray. It's a necessity. I mean, one bottle - is a necessity.

Blasting Freese Spary, Set me up, Witch Hazel?

They're like boys. You have to try them all out before you find the one you want to keep.

Blasting Freese: aka Clinger - not keeping that one. Set me up: aka Creeper - over that. Witch Hazel: aka "Just because you bought me a drink doensn't mean I have to like you."

Or maybe it's like our shoe collection. You can never have too many? Yes. I'm sure that's what is it. Aveda - for special occasions. Garnier - Rain Boots of Hairspray. White Rain - can't remember why I bought you, but I'll keep you around... just incase.

For the record. Out of all these bottles. We only use 1.

TRESemme #5. This bottle can do it all. It opens the doors, tells us we're pretty, asks how our day was. Oh - it even takes the trash out!

Don't judge us. We're keeping them. All of them.

Unless you want one of them?