This would be easy if I were.... 9?

I haven't done a fundraiser since I was 9. It was easier back then - my cheeks were chubbier, my teeth were crooked and my voice hit octives only dogs could hear. Looking back, I'd have given me money, too. Not in a "she's so cute I want to help her save the world" way - more like a, "fine, yes, take a $5" kind of way.

I signed up for another 5k. Dallyn did too. And - so did Lacy, Melissa, and Jessica - and most of central Oklahoma. But this is a legit race. We're racing for BOOBS!

The last 5k I ran was in April:

If only I rad a 5k every day of my life since then. {sigh}

Heres the DL:  I'm running in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. Apparently one must have a Fundraising Goal. And well since I hate cancer.. but hate boobs in an equal fashion... Mine goal is an obtainable $125! That's basically the equivelant of 2 good bras!

So - think of this an insurance for your future. You make a donation of $5 or $10 and someday.... if you get the big C.... it's like you already paid for part of the research.

I know you love boobs. You're either a) a guy, b) a lovely lady wishing yours were bigger or c) a even lovelier lady blessed with a pair of girls that makes you have a love-hate relationship with the girls.

{no, judging here}

How can you make a donation? Click here

On that page - click the "support Brooke" link! {right where that green arrow is pointing!}

Thanks for the Double D support! Victoria would be proud!