Get your cigars ready....

There are those people. The people we pray every night that we don't ever become. The "My child is the most amazing, smartest, most talented, beautiful, funny that ever walked the earth" people. Well, this post is a shout out to you. I don't have a response to that. Yes, your child is cute - and and there is a booger hanging from it's nose. No that's not cute - just wipe it off.

Seriously. Are we {me and Dallyn} the only small-town alumns in our still-early twenties without a ring and a kid on a leash?

We have a different take on parenthood. For now. No - we aren't dismissing the idea of parenting, although it's still up for debate. ha.


We've had some new additions to our household. We're not quite the duggars, or the quints by surprize - we're more like, hometown heros who aren't married and divorced with 2 kids.

We take pride in our little ones. ::Sigh:: They make us so proud.

This little guy, he is just smart. Not to be overdone by trends, he is straight to the point and classic. He's math geek meets kick-ball star. This guy - he's better than your little guy any day of the week.

This girl is a doll. Her older brother made the trips to Scotland, England, France, Canada, South East Oklahoma, Nicaragua, and Argentina. She's a world-traveler in the making.

Isn't Stevie beautful!? I just know she's going to be a cheerleader someday. Well, sortof.. she will be going to the Tech game and maybe the game in Austin.

If my three weren't enough, why don't you go ahead any meet my neice - Sperry. She's your average country girl who wears pearls to Church on Sunday morning. The guys love her and the girls want to be her. My role as aunt is simple. Live vicariously though her.

This child came out with a bang. She didn't quite fit into the box, but I don't think she was meant to. She's a spirited one.


Vincent Camuto. Her name says everything. She's perfect. The more shoes we adopt - the more American I become. This is the most-amazing, most-talented, most-adorable neice ever.

(Geeze - what happens if I ever really become an aunt??!)

Please note: I don't mean any disrespect to all the little-human makers. However, there's no way you can all have the most adorable child. Also - if for some reason pigs fly and there is a Brooke Jr. running around in the next 50 years or so - she probably will have the cutest chubby cheeks ever.

Man, good thing we do have important things to spend our money on.. Our shoe habit takes over..  :)