Trip to the Cotton Patch.

I couldn't decide where this pic should be in this post. But, I thought I'd start out with it. I have some friends from Tech, they are all incredible - so when I was told Tech fans were the worst fans {ever} I was skeptical. I'm here to say - it's true. They're just rude. Even the cute old men and women couldn't even muster a "hello" to us. But - jokes on them, OSU girls are trained in bar photo ettiquette. It's not possible to ruin our pictures.

Last Friday we (@oksteve and @okjana) drove 350 miles to the middle of a cotton patch. On the way we stopped at this little town - Altus - and toured a cotton gin. As an ag girl - this may have been a highlight of my trip. Or - it may have been that little cafe called Roberts with the incredible cheeseburgers. Altus has become one of my top 10 Oklahoma towns.

Jana was about as a legit partner-in-crime as they come. We both work in communications where we must be on top of our game 24/7 and deadlines are always looming around; however, we went into this weekend with limited expectations and a lack of a to-do list.

You spend the first 18 years of your life looking forward to college. Period. You spend every single day after graduation wishing you were still there. It's one of life's horrible pranks. I wish everyday I still lived in Zink Hall with these guys. That's probably the conversation were having right before this picture.

Two years ago Austin and I walked into Boone Pickens' Stadium with dark circles under our eyes from all-night pomp, my feet were swollen from tailgating in heels and we were living the dream as college kids. We walked out as Homecoming King and Queen. I seriously can't wait to tell my grandkids that story. {notice my new purse??)

These were four of the happiest faces in all of Lubbock. Undefeated going into Homecoming and those crazy Tech fans finally had nothing to back them up. Scoreboard, guys, Scoreboard.

Oh, and we saw a herd of Zebras. Seriously.