Tori's Birthday PaZOOla

Dallyn looks more like my sister than my real sister. It's true. The real one — my only one is — blonde, white skin, blue eyes - and tall (-er than me). I was an accident on the top side. So where Dallyn is the youngest (per say - shout out to Bailor) I am the oldest by a good 9 years.

Well, my favorite, little sister turned the big 1-5 on 10-10. Because this is her last year where we get to drive her to her party, we planned the most legit 15-year old party. Ready for this? Kindergarten zoo trip!

My mom wore an acid washed fanny pack and a banana clip and off we went. Not really, but that's probably the only way it could have been better.

My manfriend came for her birthday, and as you can tell he was extremely excited about the T-shirts.

No kindergarten zoo trip would be complete without matching T-shirts. All of the same color, naturally. Doesn't my little sister look ornery? Notice she's slouching so I will look taller.

Right before this picture was taken - the conversation went a little like this: "No, I'm not taking a picture." "Please?" "No." "If i take this one, do you promise you won't ask to take any more pictures?" "Yes." "& I'm not taking anymore pictures if you ask Lacy to ask me."

There were 15 of these kids walking around the zoo. They live up to every Taylor Swift Lyric.

There are more embarassing pictures - and, I'll make sure they see them right around graduation. From High School. Geeze I'm old.