Last night I walked into the grocery store on a mission to get the stuff for a pumpkin cheesecake. I pushed my cart through every isle. The problem, though, is because I dont' cook - I don't know where to find stuff at the store! I left with a slice of carrot cake, a Mt. Dew and a pizza lunchable. You see, Thanksgiving is going to be different this year and I wanted to start a new tradition - one where I contribute (first time for everything, right?) Maybe I'll have better luck next year.

Every year my family goes home for Thanksgiving. Home – or Johnson County, Indiana – is where you’ll find my family. All of them: grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles.

By the luck of a spinning globe and a dart my parents, siblings and I moved to Oklahoma. In sixth grade I told everyone it was because we were a part of the witness relocation program. Honestly, that may have been a better reasoning than real life.

So here I am now – a twenty-something in the big city – my first “Holiday” in the grownup world, and I made the grown-up decision not to go to Indiana.

Sure, I could have left right after work. I could have driven all night and crawled onto the davenport (don’t question that.) just in time to hear Diane tell me how great it is she got there first and she’s grandma’s favorite. Honestly, it’s a lie. Grandma neither confirms nor denies favoritism. Although, I have a sneaking suspicion Will’s the favorite.

Anyway. I have a lot to be thankful for whether I'm in Indiana OR Oklahoma.

Here’s my top 10: 10. Mobile – to –mobile minutes. I’d have a huge phone bill if these weren’t around. I’m truly grateful for my conversations with my family.

9. My manfriend’s family. Although they’ve never met my Indiana – family, I think they’d be pleasantly surprised in the similarities.

8. My j-o-b. It’s decently legit.

7. My sister. She’s a brat. I love her.

6. My little-big brother. He’s handsome. He’s never allowed to date. Ever. Rumor has it he has a girlfriend. This will never go over well. I honestly have no idea how my manfriend’s big sister likes me (Yeah, I’m setting myself up for a burn there.) I don’t know how any girl will ever be good enough for my brother.

5. People who put up the cart at the grocery store.

4. My family. We make dysfunctional look cool.

3. Farmers. The ones I’m related to and the ones I’m not. You guys rock.

2. Black Friday. It’s not really about the shopping. It’s about riding a lighted reindeer, scheming the shopping list and hanging out with family. It’s just as much of a tradition as watching Home Videos.

1. Today. I'm glad I'm here. I'm glad I have the opportunity to be thankful.