Pure Bedlam.

There are is only 1 thing bigger than Thanksgiving in Oklahoma: Bedlam. And, to be fair, there's only one thing bigger than Bedlam: The combination of your first Bedlam being in your favorite town -  Stillwater. After we checked into our dorm room. Yes, you read that correctly. As an alum, you can stay in a dorm for the weekend (think old-school style with two twin beds and community bathrooms) I met my favorite roommate for drinks. Please note, we're both wearing hoodies, scarves and probably tights. We've paid our dues, no need to go all out on a Friday.

Hope Lauren doesn't mind she made our blog. I think she's adorable. Her lipstick is amazing. She doens't even look tired from Black Friday Shopping. A true hero, by deffinition. I'm proud of this picture. Is it even necessary to explain?

A true creeper can utilize the zoom factor. Hi Burger :-)

Tailgating is an art. Honestly. Do you see that intensity? Please note, manfriend has worn that same shirt for the last 765 games. It's "lucky." For the record, I'm blaming the loss on the old-man V-neck undershirt.

Tailgating is also a fashion. I thank the heavens everyday my alma matter shines orange upon us. Aren't these ladies beautiful? Don't tell Donna, but I'm making her a trophy for Christmas: Flip Cup Champion.

I've been living with Dallyn too long now. Tights and a T-shirt? Why not.

Stop being so cute guys. I'm serious.  If you don't cut it out I'm going to leave you at the bar. Javen is my hero. In more ways than I can every tell you.

I think this picture can be summed up by a short conversation we had the other day. Me: "Sometimes I don't know why I love you" (Sarcastically, of course!) Garret: "It baffles me, too."

Dallyn & her wolfpack. They're the three best friends....

If we weren't so old we'd do Bedlam every weekend.