I had a birthday - so did Dallyn.

I was older than Dallyn for 4 days. I suppose I'm always older than her for four days, but that's beside the point. I have yet to say how old I am, out loud. Sure, we're still in our early twenties, but they're just a gateway to the mid twenties.

We went to the Wormy Dog for a little Kyle Park. Why? I could spend every birthday of my life dancing with my manfriend. Girls, if you're creeping on this blog I'm sure you've had a spin with him... he's a pretty legit two stepper. And booty dancer. And well, all dancing.

Chameleon would describe him pretty well. A white label wearing Chameleon.

Me on the other hand, my genes forgot the part about coordination.

Throwback to '87. Hey mom - I love the matching hairstyles.