Accident on the top side

I was an only child for a million years. I like to refer to myself as the accident on the top side. My parents went and had my little brother. And then if that wasn't enough they had my little sister 13 months later. So, apparently she's an accident, too. No one in their right mind would plan that. We look nothing alike. Everything... is opposite.

This was taken before she outgrew me and when letting her big sister braid her hair was cool. 

She use to steal my stuff. A lot. Jerk. I hate that.

But, there's one thing I really appreciate about my sister. She's hilarous. I'm serious. She has the most straight forward, dry sense of humor that can stop you in your tracks and make you laugh until your stomach is crying in pain.

She comes to everything. Probably because she can't drive, but I'd like to think it's because she secrely loves me.

I promise this post is leading somewhere. But, I really just want you guys to see how adorable my sister is.

Last Friday I was sitting at work minding my own business when my sister sends me a text:

“I’m at the women’s clinic with mom (where preggo people and people who are getting their “trophies” taken out) and everyone is looking at me. It just hit me – I think they think I’m a pregnant teenager. Lol. Yeah, all the younger people are giving me caring looks and the old people are staring like they want to cut my head off.”

First, what exactly is a trophy?

Second, can't you just picture her sitting in the waiting room, minding her own business with creepers staring her down?