Introducing... Orange Friday

We love orange, so we thought we'd share our love of orange and take a spin-off from Crystal Cattle and dedicate an entire day to a color. Because in the land of Cowboys Fridays are always orange .... I introduce to you... Orange Friday. We'll post something {anything} that is - or has to do with - orange.

Meet Millie by Hobo International. After a few years working at the Shoe Bank in Stillwater, my obsession for quality hobo purses and clutches has grown to unmeasurable lengths. The Manfriend's parents gave me this little doll for Christmas, and she's perfect.

Designed as a wallet, I often use my hobos as clutches. Notice the zipper on the bottom. It's truly incredible.

Note: We don't get paid to talk about anyone or anything in particular. And, it's highly doubtful any of our 250 followers (we still love you) really care about anything we endorse! But - if you do, you could send a few hobos our way!