Dallyn doesn't think she's funny.

Dallyn - the other half of this blog - doesn't contribute much. Why?

She doesn't think she's funny.

But she is. Honest.


  • Girl went to prom last night. She should blog about that. Don't you think?
  • She has so much OCD that when we watched a clip of her 4th birthday, before she enjoyed each present she folded the wrapping paper and topped it off with the non-damaged bow that was sure to be saved for a project or two. Blog worthy? absolutely.
  • Dallyn and her teenager son have blow our fights on a daily basis. He in turn, runs away, and she always chases him down the street.

Basically, if you think she should blog more. Let her know. She needs to know she's loved.

By the way, she really did go to prom: see.