Orange Chair

First of all, thank you for showing up to the SECOND, Orange Friday! I didn't have to brainstorm long before thinking of what type of orange we all need more of in our lives. At our Urban Casa, our house is a modge podge of Rural and Urban that somehow, yet to be confirmed, meshes well together and makes our little casa a home.

This Canary Print Slipper Chair from target is as adorable, in my opinion. You can find it, as well as a whole herd of others, at Target and It's on SALE!

I've always been a firm believer in Anti-Hallmark day, however, if the manfriend (or parentals) wanted to splurge and buy me something a little non-romantic this chair would look great in our house. Or, what about MLK day? I have a dream, too. That think chair could sit in our house and brighten it up a bit!