We’re seventeen days into Twenty11 and I’ve finally, concretely, decided upon a New Year’s Resolution. Which, I might add is ironic considering it's 'Ditch New Year's Resolution Day." {Yes, it's real.} Having never made one of these before, it was imperative I chose one that wasn’t foolish (Read as: get sophomore skinny.)

So – here it is. Be a better version of myself.

Over the past year I’ve met a lot of obstacles and overcome some, as well. “Big Kid” job, graduate again, move to a major metropolitan area – yet, I never fully embraced being an urbanite. I’ve been too busy driving out west to see my handsome manfriend, driving home to see my family, or driving “home” to Stillwater for football games.

When making goals, you’re supposed to make short-term lists, and long-term lists. However, I’m taking this one day-by-day.

I’m going to volunteer more,

Get off my bum and move,

Stop waiting for things to happen and live life today.

I choose not to wait in limbo as if this period of my life is a transition. It’s not. It’s my life. So, I’m going to live it as a better version of me.