Dreaming Big.

When I was little, I wanted to be a veterinarian and an astronaut. Those were pretty big dreams for a girl with an embarrassing perm {Thanks, mom.} who couldn’t even spell veterinarian. {credit: Hooked on Phonics}

Today with a career in communications, it didn’t  matter what I wanted to be – just that I wanted to be something -  something bigger than myself.

But, for every girl who changed her major 18 times or takes a “job,” as a placeholder – there’s another girl who has known – her whole life – what she was going to be when she “grew up.”

In college I met this girl, Lenzi. She said she wanted to be a singer.

Me, too – every Friday night at Willies. I can pour out a decent Mariah Carey or Whitney Houston with the best of the Karaoke crowd. {sarcasm horrifically magnified, sorry.}

We would discuss it while walking Boomer or while catching up on phone calls. But, here’s the thing. She didn’t need me or any of her 6,456,345 facebook friends to believe in her (even though we did) because she believed in herself.

Today, she’s on itunes. That’s pretty big in my book. Way to be a rock star Lenzi.

So, today, while I’m listening to my newly downloaded tunes – I’m wondering what I’m going to be when I grow up?

I’m not cut out to be a back up dancer, or a vet, or a marathon runner.  Until then, I’ll probably just be a groupie.

Search for Lenzi on itunes or amazon: artist is Lenzi Lenaye and album is under Hell of a Night.