Survival kit for a twenty-something.

To every single one of our 700+ visitors who loved Dallyn's post on How to be a Twenty-Something, thank you. You guys are amazing. So, keeping with the theme, we'd thought Orange Friday, could be a Twenty-Something's survival kit. {in orange.}

Everyone needs a sewing kit. Lucky for me, Dallyn, helps me sew buttons back to their rightful place. But, there's going to come a time, when you travel out-of-state for an interview and you realize the seam is split in your pencil skirt. This particular sewing kit can be tracked down on Amazon for around $10.

There's going to come a time when you're not in college anymore. After your mourning period, you'll realize you'll never really accept this and try to move on. But during this time, you're going to need to hang a shelf, fix a table, or drill a few holes in a flower-pot. Your dad will probably be busy, your manfriend may live in another town, and that list of guys you used to be able to call anytime - well, they all have girlfriends, or wifes... or worse, children. So, invest in your own tool kit. This Black & Decker set will help bridge the gap between helpless and dependent...

As dallyn said, it's time to learn to cook! You can't all be like me, and limp along knowing your amazing-chef of a roommate won't let you starve. The next item on a list is a tool set, for the kitchen. Rachael Ray has this set of essentials that belong in your kitchen. Honestly, you can be frugal and head on over to Ross or TJ Maxx - they always have great finds.

Sadly, as Dallyn pointed out, you can't roll out of bed anymore and plan to work 8-5 in the "real world" in your pjs and smeared makeup. And, unfortunately, sometimes, you're going to live paycheck to paycheck. Cover Girl Lash Blast Mascara can be found anywhere and is affordable. No longer will you have the convenience of charging Clinique makeup to your Bursar account...

Get off your butt and move while listening to the music that made life easier in college. Dodged the freshman 15? Even the I-turned-21-spring-semester-and-am-invinsible-when-it-comes-to-beer-calories? Not for long. Get an ipod. Download songs - legally. {You're in your twenties, stealing music isn't cool anymore.}

Oh - and enjoy being in your twenties, we are!