Only in my dreams

A friend recently sent me a facebook message telling me to get my stuff together and write a blog! So, let's play catch-up really quickly. In the past month: I had the flu (it was awesome), OKC basically shut down due to two blizzards, and the floor above my 9th floor office space had a water line break which resulted in the loss of a computer - and a very stressful work environment. Oh, and I went to San Antonio - that was pretty cool.

I never remember my dreams, which is probably a good thing because I'm pretty sure they're always weird. But, I remember the one from last night. Which is so weird... and a little awkward.

It started out like any normal dream. I was standing by the window, one of many big & airy windows, when someone told me it was my wedding day. **Gasp **

Ha. This is where is gets funny. Dallyn and my aunt were in charge of decorating. A trip to Hobby Lobby and a few random tables later - our backyard looked - well, like a pretty garage sale.

I spent the entire day cleaning,... for the 2 p.m. wedding. It's weird how you remember very specific things - like looking at the clock (1:15) and thinking, "wow, I guess it's time to start getting ready." 
Marlissa (Oh, hey Marlissa. Hope this isn't weird!) did my makeup while I pulled my hair in a Kardashian pony.
Pagee showed up in a Mr. Incredible costume as a joke and Dallyn had a few choice words with him.
Someone handed me a phone... wait for it.... Ree (aka. Pioneer Woman) called to tell me  she was sad she couldn't make it, but, she was sure I would like her present (I just know a kitchen aid mixer is going to show up any day now.)
It was wedding time. I walked to the kitchen..  where the boys were getting ready, obviously.  I saw the groom. I didn't know who he was.
We'd never met. I was sure of it.
Apparently, I was in a car crash a few days before and lost my memory.  He was the most handsome man I'd ever seen. He had tanned skin and bright blue eyes. So - of course - I was ok with it.
Moral of the story: Apparently Sophie Kinsella's book Remember Me? was fresh on the brain, I need to keep facebook creeping to a minimum and I'm never really going to win a PW mixer.