Camera envy.

I love taking pictures. However, I'm not really the greatest. After loaning my beloved camera to a friend a few years ago, it was returned in a "more expensive to fix than replace," existance. Since then, I've been saving for a new camera. I've heard that grown-ups have baby envy. You know, they see a baby - they want one. I've never had this. Nothing about seeing a slobbery baby makes my uterous jump for joy.

But - I do have a mad case of Camera Envy.

However, my camera account was hit hard with a pair of New Years Eve shoes and a few shirts at the outlet mall.

One day last week, the stars aligned as the words, "new," and "camera," were in the same sentence at work. Yeah, that's right work-camera.

So of course I took it home. You know, to figure out the settings. And, when there wasn't room on the couch for me - out came the camera.

It's hard to imagine why I refer to them as little monsters.

The slobber is payback for the hideous deep v-neck shirt manfriend is wearing. Isn't this great? Sure, the ISO was set a little high - but even with that scrunched face he's still kind of cute.

Notice the wardrobe change. I stomped my foot, clenched my fist and declared, "you will not wear that sicko [deeeeepppp v-neck] shirt in any picture I take. You will not!"

He came back with this. Ha. That's what I get for thinking he ever takes me seriously. Hey dude, college called - said you're not cool enough to wear those glasses anymore.

Nice, form guys. Good footwork. This has the makings for a solid 8. Oh, this could have been an 8. You lost a few points in wardrobe. 7.453 combined score.

I know of one manfriend and 3 little monsters who are probably wishing I didn't have a fancy new camera [EOS 60D Digital SLR] to play with.