Throw back to '93

On a cold winter day in central Indiana, when I was still an only child, I was waiting for the school bus. There was snow on the ground and ice on the gravel driveway.

I fell. My jeans were soaked due to melted snow and the school bus was approaching.

I marched my kindergarden self back into the house, only to find my mom trying to rush out the door for work. She was late for work that day.{obviously}

Flash forward to '11.

Each morning I wake up, put Molly in the backyard, give Remington his first wake-up call {he's like a 15 year-old boy}, and hop in the shower.

After a few more Remington wake-up calls, a few layers of mascara and only a couple of wardrobe changes later, I let Molly back inside and head out the door for work. There's really not any spare moments when you sleep until 7:30.

But, this morning. It was raining.

Dallyn let Molly in, and after a few laps around the house, I noticed a trail of teeny-tiny paw prints.

I laughed. Then huffed. & gave her a bath.