Ya'll came back - you must have heard.

It's orange Friday! For all you Cowboy fans - or basketball fans in general - this is the most exciting time in college basketball. It's when we tune into espn3.com and close our office doors and try not to yell at the refs too loud. Or, in my case - you turn the volume up, keep that door open and be as obnoxious as you want. I mean, everyone else in the office it watching, too.

Last year, after a trip to the nail salon with Manfriend's mom - I cam out with Atomic Orange toes.

I didn't change my polish all football season. It was the perfect shade of #okstate orange.

Until - I found this.

I only opened it to paint my pinky finger. I'm saving it for the most magical time of the year - football season.

It's OPI's Ya'll Come Back now ya hear?

It's absolutely perfect.

& the good news is: even if you aren't an Oklahoma State fan - orange is the new "it" color this year. trust me.