Work Trip!

So. Because I'm rural [gone urban] I've had the great opportunity to travel to San Francisco, for work! I’ve had the most amazing opportunity to travel to the West Coast and meet with State Communicators, State Educators and Company Communicators and talk about... communications.

But. Before I did that. I showed up early.

To be fair, you should know I came a two days early to see the city and get an better look at the day-in-the-life a west-coast cool-kid.

{also. it's because I'm a twenty-something without a husband or rugrats. I have flexibility I probably won't have later in life}

So I went to the aquarium. I asked that little girl if she’s ever seen a pig.

She hasn’t. But – she’s been up close and personal with a shark.

Then I went to the Painted Ladies in Alamo Square. Because I grew up in the 90′s. And, Full House was cool.

It still is.


This guy. Well, he doesn’t eat bacon.

He prefers fire.

Go figure.

Anyway, San Fran is AWESOME. But I'm ready to get back to the urban casa.  Yesterday we toured China Town [The oldest china town in North America], the Ferry Building, see the live export of Hogs to Hawaii and visit the Port of Oakland.

And then we took a car drove through hidden valley to Sacramento to meet some FANTASTIC people. Whew.

More blogs to follow!