Two things are for certain

Growing up there were two things I always knew for certain. 1) My grandma was always going to have lunch for Grandpa in the field.

Before the transplant to Oklahoma, and back when my mom thought it was really cool to perm my hair [note: it wasn't], I hung out with my grandma, a lot.

She would pack up lunch and we'd deliver it to grandpa. She was better than the postal service. Through any weather she was there.

Yes, I realize harvest gets a little delayed in rough weather - but, then we'd get to make a trip to the shop where my grandpa and uncle were sure to be working on a tractor or two.

This is my grandpa. He's pretty legit. His opinion of me posting this pic on the "web" would be right up there with "The farmer is the only man in our economy who buys everything at retail, sells everything at wholesale, and pays the freight both ways."

2.) My grandma is to Indiana Basketball as Rain Man is Black Jack. (this may not be the best comparison - but just go with me on this.)

She knows stats, hometowns, family stories, draft prospects. And, I'm 99 percent sure she doesn't even watch ESPN.

I love this about her.

:36 on the clock, Butler is obviously up, and I make the call to the 317.

"Brooke. I do not have time right now. I call you back."


You should know my grandparents - Jay and Martha - are the most amazing farming couple - people in general - I know.

I want to be them when I grow up.

So, during church this morning, I prayed a little prayer for Howard to keep his fouls under control, forgiveness for my grandma [she did put two brackets in the family bracket pool, that's not cool even if you are 80+], and for the techie guys not to play the Hoosiers theme during the game.

That's my grandma. Christmas Eve '08.

I wish everyone could have the relationships with their family like I have with mine.