They don't teach you this in college

1. You can't charge stuff to your BURSAR. Even parking tickets. There is no BURSAR. However, the BURSAR will contact you about a ticket they just caught you on camera for - from 2 years ago. You still have to pay it. 2. You don't find out about clubs from the O'colly. Or the Listserv. You have to network and use twitter.

3. That picture your roommate posted freshman year, that you untagged is still out there. And, when you want to apply to be a volunteer - they'll find it on your background check.

4. Your friends are more important than your job or the newest iphone. You're going to drive a box, to work in a box, and stare at a box, check texts on the tiny box - but what matters is who is there for you when you leave the box. Work to live - don't live to work.

5. Drama is going to follow you if you let it. So don't. In college, you probably said/say "I can't wait until all this drama is over." It's not college where the drama is. Drama can be anywhere you let it be. So just don't let it be anywhere.

6. You're not going to know how to do your job well right off the bat. They taught theory in college; therefore, teach yourself.

7. No one looks at your transcript. No one cares what your grades are. Well, unless you're an Engineer. {then they might}

8. Life after college is hard. But, so is starving in a third-world country. Keep it in perspective.

9. Don't whine on facebook. Or twitter. It makes you look like a loser. & No one hires losers.

10. Stop worrying so much - you're going to get wrinkles! Seriously. You're old now.