Head over Wedges

Big Weekend. HUGE weekend. I realize when I write something funny like They don't teach you this in college there tends to be a lot more visitors, more retweets, more comments. But, for you to truly appreciate my sarcasm, seriousness and abstract randomness - I'm going to give one of those really boring play-by-plays.

Any basketball fans? Heard of that tragic accident that took the lives of 10 Cowboys? Well for those of you who live under a rock {no worries, that's where I am most of the time.} you can google it. For the rest of you, you'll understand why participating in the Remember the 10 run was so incredible.   We declared it "girl's weekend" and headed to Stillwater san any manfriends. {Pictured with Manfriend's mom and sister.} It was the most beautiful weekend in Stillwater. However, I'm pretty sure Stillwater will always have a sparkly glow every time I return as an alum.

Because we were in Stillwater. And, it happens to be the most glorious place on earth. We went shopping. I found this little number at Hobby Lobby. Even on sale it wasn't going to fit into my thrifty-chic budget. {Good news is, I found a table just like this in my parent's barn needing a little TLC)

I fell in love with these. Head over wedges, deeply madly in love.

Because it was still "girl's weekend," I went home. Rural Route 3 past where the black top ends [technically it's not a Rural Route anymore - something about saving lives with a 911 address} to hang out with my sister.

Side note: My boss always says I'm like a "baby duck." Something about waking up everyday looking up at the sky like it's the first time I've ever seen it. Weird.

Anyway, within minutes of my parent's heading out-of-town, my sister.... bought some ducks. Seriously. Who does that?

A few times a week I walk into work, stop my foot and curse the urban dwellers who "couldn't drive to save their lives." I'm not declaring I deserve driver of the year, but I do think all urbanites develop a slight case of road rage after only a few days.

On the way home from church, we got into a traffic jam. An old school nothing-urban-about-this traffic jam.

As you can see. I had the best weekend. Hope you did, too!