It happened.

My sister recently said to me, "everyone thinks Will {my little, her big - brother.}  has a lot of money." Without even thinking about it I replied, "of course he does. He doesn't pay rent, buy groceries, pay the electric bill, pay for insurance."

Man, I wish I was 16.

I think this conversation is going to repeat it's self frequently thoughout the next several years. My response will change ever so slightly. "Of course he does, he's not paying into college funds, paying for kids, scheduling doctor appointments, buying school supplies."

On second thought. I'm cool with being a solid twenty-something. Right in the middle of not-paying bills and paying too many bills.

On another note. I'm really getting into this whole do-it-yourself thing. I found this table in my mom's barn. She [and my aunts] love to find bargains.

 The only thing wrong about this table was [beside the solid layer of dirt ] they mod podged leaf stickers. I'm still uncertain in what century this was a cool thing to do.

This is still a work-in-progress. I'm going to destress it a bit. And, yes, I took the easy way out and used spray paint. [High quality spray paint]

Planted a few flowers, too. If you remember back to last year this probably means we're about to encounter a hail storm. Knock on wood.