Easter Sunday

In life there has always been a few constants: grandma will always say 4 other names before she gets to yours, mom will probably cry during any given Holiday (happy tears, sad tears, just because tears) and you always go to church on Sundays.

On this Sunday - Easter Sunday - it was mostly the same. Except, this time - I had my handy little camera in my pocket. Read as: I forgot to leave my phone in my car and it doubled as a camera.

I interpret this picture as, "Granddaughter, you better turn that phone off before I show you my really mean face."

"I'm the only child in the central United States who can pull off this look"

"What-choo talking 'bout mom?"

"You better make that phone disappear or I'll make you come sit up here with your brother."

"Yeah, he'll make you come sit up here with me."

"Don't look at us, we didn't bring our phones, we're going to pass notes instead." - girls.

"Wow, Danci sure is pretty." - Trevor