Urban Young Professional.

"What's that in your hair?""feathers" "why?" "The cool kids are doing it." "The cool kids may be doing it but the young urban professionals are not."

If I was on my toes I would have said, "they are if they are going to the arts festival." But I wasn't. And, my rural upbringing taught me not to talk back to older urban professionals.

If you've been around for a while you'll note one of the earlier posts was about the OKC Festival of the Arts. A year later, it's just as cool.

This is the view from my office. How could I not take a quick trip out there - everyday?!? Exactly. It's a rule. It's a law. It would be illegal not to try an indian taco. Or a snow cone. Or a 1,587 calorie piece of deliciousness.

Or walk the brand spankin' new pathways through the gardens. It's only right after putting up with the constuction.

You know, because I also work by this. You might have noticed it? No? Hmmmm.

Anyway. Visit the Festival of Arts.