Big Sister.

This is my little brother. He's my favorite brother - and my only.

He use to love to give me hugs, and go to the movies with me, and well - just like me in general.

Now he's 16. And he makes this face when a camera appears. It sort of reminds me of this picture:

Why can't you guys just smile? I mean, c'mon!

For the record, I'm wearing heels. Pretty tall heels... and he's still taller than me! And, this may or may not have been taken right after my ag teacher caught me inhaling helium. {With the kids.}

This is what happens when they grow up. & You have to {get to} go to their end of the year activities as the big sister.

Being a big sister is the best job in the world. {When you don't live at home} Second to being an aunt, I'm sure.