Change 'em up.

Dallyn is moving home. Something about getting back to her rural roots after 5 long years in Stillwater and a year in Oklahoma City. This place [Anywhere urban] isn't for her. It's not a bad thing. She needs to be surrouded by pastures of wheat and where dirt roads are lined with rigs {google it}

I bet they don't go sky diving way up there in North West Oklahoma.

Or have state fairs where you can weasel your way to the front row.

Or have roommates who will drop everything to go to a tailgate.

Or go to Thunder Games.

But, on a good note. I have a new roommate.

Apparently, I've met her {once} before.

Back in '09 when Dallyn & I went to college station.

Actually, I met my new roommate the night Dallyn and I took this picture.

Ever heard of  a Ring Dunk? You can google that, too.

So - two years ago Dallyn drug me to a rink dunk party. That happened to be Lauren's. & now Lauren is moving in.