Just a typical day in Oklahoma

I've been an Oklahoma transplant for 13 years. Long enough that I should have a firm grasp on the uncertainties of the weather.

To be clear. I’m fine.

I was safe in a basement following updates on twitter. {for the record news9.com, your live streaming doesn’t work well when everyone in the 405 is logging on}. I had my "survival kit" with me: bottled water, wallet, passport, dog food, ipod, computer. Pretty sure Gary England would say that's not the right kit. I should have had a flashlight and a helmet. (if anyone would like to donate a helmet - I'd gladly wear it to the next tornado party.)

Families throughout Oklahoma have been affected weather; however, it will never be an aspect of life that becomes easy. Prayers are going up to the Big Man for the losses in the wake of the tornados.

Oh, and for the horse that landed in a pool. Thanks for making a few people smile when stress levels in the metro were through the roof.

Side note: It will never cease to amaze me the amount of messages I recieved during the storm making sure I was okay. Thank you, friends, for making sure I wasn't blown away to Oz. You guys are complete ninjas.


P.S. I didn't take this picture! I WISH I did, but, I didn't!