There's one con to going home. My little farm dog takes a direct route to the "shop" and prances right through things little white fluffy dogs shouldn't prance though.

Her little paws are coated in a nice layer of grease. [The kind you use that delicious smelling orange soap to get off.]

As you know, my favorite thing in the world is the scene of black cows on green grass, and last night they {the cows} were placed in front of a beautiful Oklahoma sunset. So, I grabbed my camera. When I turned around... this is what I found.

Just a little white farm dog washing her paws.

... with the ducks, in the stock tank.

Remember the ducks? Back when they were small?

I think they're starting to run the place.

Because, clearly, they're spoiled.

My sister is an animal (birds) lover. And, these ducks - for reasons unknown to normal humans - make her happy.

They have a really weird relationship.

I suppose if you're the youngest in the family you have attention issues.

I will never understand this. {or her}. & I'll never understand why Rural America tugs at my heart strings. It just does, but I'm 100 percent okay with it.